Suggestion for CPSE

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  1. What have been the efforts in CPSEs to promote exports and to encourage import substitution?

  2. Sharing of best practices between CPSEs.

  3. The need for consolidation where more than one CPSE is doing work of similar nature.

  4. What are the similarities/differences in Human Resource Management (HRM) policies between Government and CPSEs?

  5. What efforts have been made by them to reduce wasteful expenditure? What should be the targets for the same?

  6. What steps need to be taken to improve the efficiency of CPSEs?

  7. Do they have any interaction with young students? Do they have any policy for offering internships?

  8. Review the activities under CSR. Can a common CSR fund be established? Can theme based activities be chosen every year for concerned efforts? For e.g 2018 could be chosen as the year for construction of Schools etc.

  9. What efforts have been made for up gradation of technology in CPSEs and what more needs to be done?

  10. What efforts have been made to promote Digital India by CPSEs and what more can be done?

  11. Why can’t the residential colonies of CPSES be developed as mini smart cities?

  12. What role can CPSE’s play in promoting the flagship schemes of Government like Start Up India, Make in India, Innovation, Zero Defect Manufacturing etc.?

  13. Can CPSEs establish a Common Research Centre, Share their R&D facilities/labs with one another, and utilize CSIR labs/IITs etc. more effectively?

  14. What should be the monitoring mechanism to oversee these efforts?

  15. What the CPSE can contribute to the development of the Ministry/ Department; of the government and of the country.

  16. Strategic importance of CPSEs ( products) in specific sectors.

  17. Targets to be achieved by 75th year of independence (2022).

  18. Any other suggestions to improve the functioning of CPSEs