Rules governing refund against unlifted coal

Refund of EMD and Coal Value :

  1. Successful bidders, who do not pay any cost towards the allotted quantity of coal / rakes and apply for refund of EMD no refund can be made and EMD equivalent to full allotted quantity is to be forfeited. EMD for unallotted quantity / rakes, received by WCL will be refunded.
  2. If the successful bidder has made only partial payment towards coal value, then in this case, full EMD of allotted quantity will have to be forfeited.
  3. If the successful bidder pays full value of coal but fails to lift allotted rakes or cancels the order, entire EMD will have to be forfeited for rail sale.
  4. If successful bidder deposits coal value for all the rakes allotted but fails to lift some rakes or cancels some rakes, the EMD for unlifted and cancelled rakes will be forfeited.
  5. If successful bidders pertaining to road sale pay full value of coal but lifts only partially then EMD equivalent to unlifted quantity will be forfeited.
  6. For the purpose of forfeiture of EMD, allotment on each source / colliery / siding will be treated as independent one.
  7. After completion of lifting against the Delivery order, there may be some cases where the unlifted quantity is less than one truck quantity i.e. less than 9 MT. In such cases, consumers may apply for refund against the balance coal value.
  8. In case the balance is more than one truck and failure is attributable to bidder the refund will be made after forfeiting EMD equivalent to unlifted quantity.
  9. The consumers' application will be sent to Road Sales Section by the Area Sales Manager enclosing therewith the copy of the original Delivery Order and also the summary of lifting and bills raised. This application should be forwarded to HQRs., by the Area.
  10. Once the rake is moved and coal bill is also received by Commercial section of S&M Deptt., the process of refund of EMD and the balance coal value, if any, will be initiated after receipt of the application from the consumer as under:
    1. Application alongwith the original Money Receipt issued to the consumers will be forwarded to the office of GM(Fin.) by Commercial section of S&M Deptt. The details of the coal bills also be furnished alongwith the forwarding letter. In certain cases of shortfall in lifting, Operation Section will certify that the unlifted quantity is not attributable to the party for non-lifting of coal but is a normal shortfall due to variation in weighment, entire amount of EMD alongwith the Coal value for the unlifted quantity will be refunded.
  11. The consumer's application will be processed in Sales Accts. section on compliance of all requirements and the refund cheques will be sent to Commercial section for onward deposit to consumer / applicant.


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