For WCL Employees

Rules, Procedures/Policies and Other Related Information for WCL Employees


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  1. SOP for forwarding and settlement of various claims under CMPF-1948 & cMPS-1998. (PDF Format)
  2. 100% Compliance of Salary preparation on Bio-Metric Attendance (PDF Format)
  3. Value Card for Coal Indians (PDF Format)
  4. House Building Advance Rules (PDF Format)
  5. C.D.A. Rules (PDF Format)
  6. Delegation of Powers
  7. Standing Orders and other applicable rules of non-executive employee (PDF Format)
  8. LTC/ LLTC Rules for Non Executive Employees (PDF Format)
  9. Approved list of Chemist Shops-2018 (PDF Format)
  10. Approved List of Medical Specialists Doctors-2018 (PDF Format)
  11. Approved list of Diagnostic Centres-2018 (PDF Format)
  12. House Allotment Norms (PDF Format)
  13. House Allotment Status
  14. Use of discretionary powers in preferential allotment of houses
  15. Terminal benefits, Retirement benefits its policy and procedure. (PDF Format)  Executive Non-Executive
  16. Coal Mines Pension Scheme - Policies and Procedures.(PDF Format)   English   Hindi
  17. Circulars for System improvements
  18. Welfare policy of the company for executives / non executives and their dependants (PDF Format)
  19. Annual Performance Appraisal For Top Management Incumbents Of CPSE- Adoption From The Year 2011-12
  20. Internal Complaints Committee - Complaints of Sexual Harassment of Female Employees at Workplace (PDF Format)
  21. List of Holidays -2022 (PDF Format)
  22. Circular for On line transfer of non-executive employees.
  23. CPRMS Notice Executive(E) and Non Executive(NE) (PDF Format)



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