Section 4(b)-(iv)

The Norms set by our parent company CIL, (WCL a subsidiary of CIL) follows  the discharge of function by the various departments


Well defined procedure and guidelines for discharge of various functions are available which are as under:-


  • Delegation of powers: Functions are discharged as per the laid down policies and guidelines of the company. Further, for effective discharge of the same, the function and power are also being delegated to lower tiers of organisational hierarchy.
  • Manuals: Our parent company CIL has procedural manuals covering all important activities like Finance Manual, HR Manual, Purchase Manual, Manual for civil Engineering and Contract Management Manual. The executives while discharging their duties follow the provisions of these manuals and thereby maintain uniformity. These manuals make sure that activities are carried out in a systematic and organised manner which are also updated from time to time as per requirement.
  • Guidelines of Department of Public Enterprises: Our parent company CIL as well as WCL  being a subsidairy company of CIL  follows the guidelines of Department of Public Enterprises and directions of Government of India issued from time to time.
  • Guidelines of Chief Vigilance Commission: WCL being a  subsidairy company of CIL follow the guidelines of Chief Vigilance Commission (CVC) issued from time to time.
  • Compliance of provisions of statutes, etc.: While discharging the respective functions, executives are required to comply with the applicable provisions of Indian Constitution, Statues and Rules & Regulations applicable to the company.