Section 4(b)-(xvii)

Programmes to advance understanding of RTI :  Various programes under RTI are being conducted by Human resource department of WCL for better understanding of RTI rules among its employees .


Transfer Policy and transfer orders: There is detail process and policy for transfer of executives. The details are available in HR Manual of CIL. The manual as well orders are available on CIL website.

Executives :

Transfer Policy for Non Executives:


  • Dissemination of information widely and such form and manner which is easily accessible to the public: Western Coalfields Ltd website is easily accessible to public.
  • Form of accessibility of information manual/handbook: E form of all the manual/handbook are available on the WCL/CIL website and easily accessible to public.
  • Whether information manual/handbook available free of cost or not: Yes, it is free of cost, by downloading from WCL/CIL Website.
  • Language in which information Manual/Handbook available: Hindi and English
  • When was the information Manual/Handbook last updated- All are latest updated by the year 2023.
  • Receipt and Disposal of RTI application & appeals: Quarterly reports submitted to CIC : LINK